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Jul 12, 2017

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for another weekly endurance podcast. This week Coach P interviews Endurance Nation member extraordinaire, Dino Sarti, on his RAAM experience. 

A "late addition" to an 8-man Team, Dino recounts the highs and lows that constitute a 3500+ mile bike ride across the United States. Dino is a great storyteller, and he manages to make you laugh while he's also taking you to school on all things RAAM. 

Key Talking Points include: 

  • The weight of the logistics not only pre-race but also at check-in and following the rules;
  • Rules? How about a spiral bound book with turn-by-turn notes for an unmarked cross country course;
  • How a 12-hour rest shift only netted 3 hours of sleep;
  • Why exercise food was gone by the third day;
  • What Dino would do differently next time around (don't tell his wife!).

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