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Sep 24, 2013

Join Coach Patrick & Coach Rich from Endurance Nation ( as they review 2013 and discuss all of the things planned for 2014. Here are the talking points....time to map out a long run and fire up your MP3 player!'

[Remember: Our Training Plan Sale ( continues through 9/30/13 and our membership drive kicks off on October 7th!]

What Happened in 2013

* Rich and Patrick can’t ride 2 wheels!

* First National Rally

* Key Races...they Work!

* Four Keys Talks

* Staffing Upgrades - Expanding the Team

What’s Happening in 2014

* OutSeason 1 starts on 10/28

* OutSeason 2 starts on Jan 6 or 13?

* Key Training Plan Changes

* Key Races

* New Camps: TX, MT, LP, WI, LT, Chat

* Role of the National Rally