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Sep 2, 2023

Ready to embark on a journey into the demanding world of Ironman racing? Our guest, Bob, shares unique insights and experiences from his second Ironman race at Cortelain. A humorous yet honest account of the trials, tribulations and even the laughs that make up this grueling endurance sport. Listen as Bob talks about his fear of swimming turned into a source of relaxation and reprieve amidst the tough races.

What does it take to transition from a small training period to an intensive 12-week Ironman training plan? Bob spills the beans on his strategy that helped him put theory into action in this demanding sport. Discover the essence of discipline, dedication, and even your instincts in achieving the impossible. More than just following a plan, learn how to adapt and make the best decisions when it matters the most.

This episode will also redefine your understanding of endurance, personal goals, and pushing through one's limits. The importance of recovery, the impact of compounding fitness improvements, and the euphoria of achieving a personal record post an Ironman race are all on the table. Overcoming preconceived notions, the power of having an experienced mentor, and adjusting your training plans to find what works best - we discuss it all! Bid adieu with reflections on Bob's journey, the significance of authenticity, preparation, and the indescribable joy of pushing oneself to the limit. Tune in for an episode that is as inspiring as it is informative!