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Nov 14, 2023

Get ready to reclaim your time and redefine your winter training regimen with this essential podcast episode. We promise to equip you with the tools to trim your schedule, focusing on activities that give you a higher return on investment. As endurance athletes, we're sharing our secrets on why activities like swimming may not offer the best ROI during winter and why you might want to consider investing that time in catching some extra z's.

Presenting a comprehensive guide to winter training, we'll help you identify and tackle your A+ problems; the hurdles that, when overcome, don't only make you a faster athlete but a healthier human being. We'll explore how to avoid common winter pitfalls like training outdoors amidst fallen leaves and making smart investments in training tools that offer lasting value. Moreover, stay connected with us and fellow athletes through our social media platforms. We're giving you tips on how to make your indoor training setup more social and effective. Tune in and stay ahead of the pack, even in the off-season.