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Jan 10, 2024

Ever set a New Year's resolution only to find it gathering dust by February? That's where Coach Patrick from Endurance Station steps in, steering us away from fleeting goals and towards the power of systems for enduring success. This episode isn't just about hitting your targets; it's about transforming your entire approach to growth, both as an endurance athlete and in your personal endeavors. With a focus on establishing daily, weekly, and monthly routines, I lay out a blueprint that intertwines core strength with life's practicalities, like prepping your workout gear and balancing recovery with family time. It's these foundational habits that set the stage for continuous improvement and long-term achievements. 

As the conversation progresses, we pivot to reflect on past challenges and morph them into stepping stones for future triumphs. I'll walk you through tweaking your nutrition to fit the changing seasons, weaving in flexibility routines to your day, and adopting a mindset that bridges the gap between racing and running a business. And just before signing off, I touch on the "three, three, and three" plan, a strategy that not only gears you up for the upcoming year but invites you to share your journey with us through our vibrant social media community or our chatbot at It's all about crafting an active lifestyle that's as rewarding as it is resilient.