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Sep 5, 2023

Ever wonder how a triathlete manages to balance a high-pressure job, a rigorous training schedule, and a passion for racing? Join us as we chat with a seasoned triathlete, who shares his journey from overcoming his fear of water in 2015 to successfully completing an Ironman just a year later. Despite a demanding job as a network field engineer, he has found a way to incorporate triathlon training into his life, sharing a contagious spirit of camaraderie and resilience with us all.

Want to know the secret sauce to power through grueling multi-sport events while avoiding GI distress? Our conversation takes a deep dive into the art of fueling the body effectively for triathlons, underscoring the importance of establishing a relationship with your gut and muscles to understand their needs. We discuss strategies to become more energy-efficient during races and offer insights into customizing nutrition according to individual needs. With discussions ranging from race preparation to tailoring formulas for individual needs, we cover a gamut of aspects to keep you charged during your next race.

No race is won on the track alone; meticulous preparation comes into play, too. We explore the nuances of race strategy, focusing on details of tackling diverse terrains, picking up speed on downhills, and managing energy efficiently. And who better to shed light on this than Coach Pete, a seasoned triathlete and coach, who brings his wealth of experience to the table. So whether you're a novice triathlete or seasoned racer, tune in to this episode and arm yourself with a wealth of knowledge that will help you conquer your next race.