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Apr 1, 2009

We are pleased to introduce Linda Patch.

Linda is one of our original members. Linda set a 1:30+ PR at Ironman Flordia 2008 after training with EN for about a year. Since joining us in October, 2007, Linda's Functional Threshold Power (FTP) on the bike has increased from 146w to 181w, a 24% gain. Her VDot on the run has increased from 34 to 39 during our Out-Season program this year.  Most notably, through working with a "special" power-training protocol that we discuss in this podcast, she has increased her 5' power from 206w to 221w since December.

Oh yeah, she is also a 50's-ish mother of four sons and the owner of Linda Patch and Associates, a PR and marketing firm. No, she is not some young thing with tons of recovery and time resources on her hands and, yes, she is very, very busy!