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Apr 11, 2024

Unlock the secrets to endurance success with Coach Patrick as he introduces the revolutionary 2024 Half Ironman training plans, reshaped to optimize recovery and boost performance. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to streamlined training with our shift from three to two comprehensive plans, now more tailored than ever for masters athletes. As you join us, you'll get a firsthand look at how we've transformed feedback into action, ensuring our community stays ahead of the game.

Gear up for an episode packed with insights on the new race simulations and challenge rides that are set to redefine your training routine. If you're a Final Surge user, prepare for some essential updates that will enhance your plan uploading experience. Designed with the evolving needs of the Endurance Nation community in mind, these plans are not just a set of workouts; they're your roadmap to conquering your next 70.3 with confidence and finesse.