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Aug 26, 2023

Join us as we journey through the inspiring world of endurance sports with long-time triathlete, Scott. He shares his unique perspective on the intersectionality of training and racing, stressing that being smarter equals being faster. Listen as Scott talks about his 20-year-long journey in triathlon and the emotional connection one can have with endurance sports. He suggests that the best way to understand the allure of triathlon is to participate in the shortest possible event you can think of, emphasizing that people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities can join in.

Scott's story doesn't end there; he shares his incredible journey of returning to training and racing after a severe bike crash. By understanding the nuances of training for multiple sports and harnessing the power of data from fitness trackers, he managed to keep his fitness goals alive. Hear about Scott's ambitious goal for his marathon and how he prepared for it, including his race rehearsal, nutrition strategy, and the physical challenges he faced during the race. 

As we reflect on Scott's marathon performance, we discuss strategies for a successful race, such as finding an efficient heart rate sweet spot and using the conditions to our advantage. We also explore future plans for Scott and discuss the lessons to be learned from his experience. Finally, we discuss the camaraderie and thrill of participating in a triathlon, the importance of safety, and the joy of celebrating a successful race. Listen in as we uncover the compelling stories and future plans of a seasoned triathlete.