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Dec 29, 2015

Looking for the best possible workout this winter? Ready to kick off your 2016 but want to do it right? Look no further than Endurance Nation and our OutSeason® training protocols.

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for the full breakdown on how to make the most of your winter training months as a triathlete. We are the world's largest, fastest triathlon coaching group with more than 750 members across the globe who train online and race together.

The Breakdown of this Week's Podcast:

  1. Become Really Good at One Discipline

  2. Schedule Your Training Into Your Calendar Every Week

  3. Capture Your Lessons Learned from Every Race & Key Workout

  4. Become More Self Aware

Thanks for listening to this Endurance Nation podcast. Be sure to check us out at, or create a FREE 7-day trial membership at

Endurance Nation: Work Hard, Get Smart, Go Fast!