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Dec 29, 2008

Listen along as Coach Patrick recaps the growth and highlights of 2008, then he briefly introduces some of the new changes coming into play in early January 2009. If you prefer, watch the video on the Endurance Nation blog or on

Nov 17, 2008

Rich and Patrick talk a bit of admin and a lot about IMAZ! Good luck to everyone racing!


Nov 13, 2008

Rich and Patrick check in with the team re IMFL and Clearwater 70.3. They cover the progress of our OutSeason athletes and discuss the upcoming Tour of California! (Time: Approx 38 mins).

Oct 22, 2008

Coach P gets on a rant about one doode's training plan (only 56 weeks to go!), and along the way explains a better way to build your next season successfully.

Oct 2, 2008

Endurance Nation's coaches discuss the core concepts of effective age group triathlon training. Topics include: the basic week, fitness as work, real-world scheduling and why the traditional approach to periodization falls apart at longer distances.

All of the information discussed in this podcast is covered in greater...