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Jan 29, 2024

Have you ever hit a wall in your training, where no amount of tough self-talk could push you through? That moment when your legs feel like lead, and your willpower tanks? Buckle up, because we're tearing down the notion that toughness is just about grueling discipline and relentless grit. Taking a page from Steve Magnus's "Do Hard Things," we're redefining toughness in the crucible of endurance sports, where strategic decisions and resilience are the name of the game. This isn't about being superhuman but about honing a skill set that lets you make the right calls under pressure, blending positivity with the hard-nosed practicality required to conquer those make-or-break moments.

Imagine having a personal coach in your head, giving you that nudge when the stakes are high. Well, it turns out, you do – if you know how to harness it. In this conversation, we unlock the secret powers of positive self-talk, exploring how switching to the second person can trick your brain into thinking you've got an external cornerman cheering you on. This tactic is not just for athletes sprinting to the finish line but for anyone looking to up their game in life's marathon. From the track to the boardroom, get ready to arm yourself with mental strategies that will transform the way you face challenges, and maybe even lead you to your next personal best.