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Jul 18, 2023

Ever found yourself completely captivated by a documentary? That's what happened to me when I started watching Netflix's Tour de France documentary. Matt and I dive into the intensity of the race, the fascinating team dynamics, the directors, and the sponsors, all of which make this documentary a must-watch for anyone who owns a bike and appreciates the sport.


Beyond the Tour de France, we also discuss the Race Across America (RAM) and the Escape Collective, a fantastic alternative to accessing content from Bellow News. I share my personal experience training for the Leadville and Steamboat Races, and we chat about how racing for privileges at the grocery store can be a fun and motivating challenge. So, make sure to get outside for a ride this weekend and enjoy the thrill of cycling!


Struggling with off-road racing strategies? Matt and I have got you covered as we explore how off-road racing differs from long-course triathlon racing. Learn valuable tips on training, rest, and warm-up routines, as well as how to handle road and trail sections of a race. We discuss the importance of understanding your own capabilities and taking risks when necessary, and how an athlete's history can impact their racing strategies. Don't miss this episode packed with insightful racing and self-care tips for cyclists!