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Mar 30, 2009

Meet Carrie Himmel of Cisco, TX. Carrie and her husband Daniel are both members of Endurance Nation and are training for Ironman Cozumel, Carrie's first Ironman. Carrie is working mom and a neat lady, not a uber geeked out super stud, so we thought it would be valuable for you to meet her and gain her perspective on Endurance Nation.

Patrick and Rich (Endurance Nation Coaches/Founders) have the opportunity to travel to all of the North American Ironman (TM) races throughout the year and meet a ton of Endurance Nation members. But many of our members -- though they train and network with each other virtually -- only know each other as email addresses, forum names and signatures, rarely getting the chance to connect in the real world.

We thought it would fun for us, the Team, and our listeners to interview our athletes. To put a name, a voice and a face to an email address/forum handle and learn more about each other!