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Feb 22, 2024

The chill of the water at Ironman Coeur d'Alene was nothing compared to the cold shock I received just weeks before—the crash that threatened to derail months of preparation. Yet, as I narrate my tale of conquering the unexpected, from the restfulness that followed the accident to the frigid swim and a marathon that tested my limits, you'll discover the essence of endurance racing is as much about mental resilience as it is about physical prowess. Together, we explore the art of pacing, the critical choices made in the spur of the moment, and how to maintain control even when the body screams to stop or go.

Every stride, every stroke, every turn of the pedal is a lesson in meticulous planning and execution, a symphony where each note is a planned training session or a strategic decision. We delve into the importance of a disciplined approach, from the granular details of daily training flow charts to the high-stakes moments that define a race. Join me as I reflect on the strategies that build a foundation strong enough to withstand the pressures of race day, and how a structured blueprint is crucial for anyone seeking to push their limits in the world of endurance sports.