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May 13, 2023

Get ready to take your triathlon game to the next level as we chat with Rob Peters, who shares his Ironman Texas experience and reveals how he achieved a personal best by a whopping 14 minutes! Find out how Rob's strategic approach to training and race day helped him conquer a slightly more challenging course than his previous Ironman in California.

Rob dives into the importance of structured training and focusing on quality and execution rather than just ramping up the volume in the weeks leading up to the race. He also discusses how he balanced his training between the three disciplines, resulting in significant improvements in his Ironman performance. Listen in as Rob shares his race strategy for open water swimming and dealing with gut distress during long-distance events.

Don't miss out on this insightful conversation packed with valuable tips and advice from Rob's experiences at both Ironman California and Texas. Whether you're a seasoned triathlete or just starting to dip your toes in the world of endurance sports, there's something for everyone in this episode. Tune in now and start making those gains in your next triathlon!



(0:00:01) - Ironman Texas Experience and Training Changes
Rob PR'd at Ironman Texas with a non-wetsuit swim, windy bike, and 14-minute run despite GI distress.

(0:05:35) - Improving Ironman Performance Through Structured Training
Rob emphasizes quality training, avoiding overdoing it before race day, and finding that extra months of triathlon training can make a difference.

(0:14:58) - Open Water Swimming Strategy
Rob prepared for Ironman Texas with a steady pace, glancing at his watch every 500 yards, and eating plenty of calories.

(0:22:15) - Race Strategy and Gut Distress
Rob carefully paced and prepared for Ironman Texas, dealing with headwinds and GI distress, and ultimately achieved a successful performance.

(0:28:44) - Race Day Nutrition and Strategies
Rob shares his Ironman Texas experience, discussing pacing, fluid concentration, and lane gaps on the highway.

(0:40:14) - Race Nutrition for Triathletes
Diet, fiber, calorie distribution, concentrated fuel, and gut health discussed for Ironman Texas preparation.