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Aug 29, 2023

Ever thought about exploring the world on a bike? Meet Mark Parascandola, an endurance athlete who didn't start his cycling journey until he was 40. Now, Mark's adventures span continents from the Pyrenees to Columbia to Slovenia, showing us it’s never too late to begin an adventure and that culture and cycling make for a perfect combination. Mark's tales of conquering the week-long Trans-Pyreneese ride and savoring the San Sebastian Film Festival will leave you brimming with excitement and curiosity.

Mark’s stories go beyond just the thrill of adventure cycling, and he's ready to pass his learnings on to you. Discover the nitty-gritty of planning for races and training camps; from booking flights, choosing cycling camps to the importance of safety in different locations. Are you thinking of renting a bike for your next adventure? Mark's insights will guide you to make the right choice. 

Finally, we'll journey into the realm of adventure travel planning beyond cycling. Join us as Mark shares his wisdom on balancing fitness with adventure and unleashing the explorer within you while staying at your base location. Ever considered swimming as an exciting addition to your travel? We discuss the perks of choosing places with excellent swimming facilities. And in an unexpected twist, we reveal the surprising beauty of Skyline Drive, showcasing how adventures come in many forms and can often take you by surprise. So get ready to soak up Mark's experiences and insights - they're bound to inspire the adventurer in you!