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Dec 13, 2023

Are you prepared to delve into your past year in endurance sports? Let's dive deep together. We'll use the four keys methodology, usually for race day, to analyze your past performances. Expect eye-opening moments. We'll assess not just your fitness but also your decision-making and execution. Time to take charge of our actions, celebrate our wins, learn from our losses, and pinpoint the training choices that propelled us forward or set us back.

In our journey of self-improvement, we'll thoroughly review the past season. This will help you grasp the impact of your early decisions. We'll draw lessons from top athletes, adopting their drive and consistency into our routines.

I'll introduce the concept of a 'box' - our realm of control. Inside this box, we'll focus on what we can achieve and ignore distractions. We'll identify what we missed and what we learned last season to make smarter choices for the upcoming one.

We'll cover everything from nutrition to training, discussing how to fill our 'boxes' with success-driving elements.