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Jan 4, 2024

Ever felt like you're running in circles with your training, plateauing despite all your efforts? This heart-pumping episode with Coach Patrick from Injured Nation is your roadmap out of that rut. We kick off with a turbo-charged strategy for athletes eager to revamp their approach to training. Our 14-week "outseason" program isn't just about pushing limits; it's about smartly building strength and speed when it counts. Say goodbye to the base training blues and fears of peaking too early as we dissect a balanced regimen that incorporates intensity, volume, and rest - all while leveraging last year's gains to catapult you into a new season of success.

Hold onto your hats as we smash through the traditional periodization model with our 'fast before far' philosophy. This isn't your average endurance game plan; it's about getting strategic with your schedule and syncing your training with real life. We'll walk you through how to fine-tune your sessions to not only boost your threshold and VO2 levels but also to keep your health and personal relationships from hitting the back burner. Whether you're juggling a career, family, or other commitments, this episode lays out how you can train efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your athletic journey scales new peaks this year. So, strap in and get ready to transform your performance with insights that'll make every minute of your training count.