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Dec 22, 2023

Join us as we take a step back to reflect on our athletic year and share some personal experiences. We're not just focusing on race results, but on personal growth and internal knowledge gained throughout the year. We’ll be sharing four keys to reviewing a year through races and how to apply them, and touching on the concept that as we age, PRs may become more challenging. We'll also delve into how this can change our perspective on our athletic achievements. This is an episode for those who are ready to look back on their year in a more meaningful and insightful way.

Tune in to hear us discuss the importance of self-awareness in athletic performance. We share our personal experiences with managing training and highlight how self-knowledge can lead to better results. We'll be chatting about the need to pay attention to one's body and make adjustments as our bodies and abilities change over time. Listen in as we emphasize the mindset of constantly striving to improve, rather than seeking external validation. For all athletes out there, this is a valuable discussion on achieving success in sports.

Lastly, we'll explore the topic of gift giving and receiving. From the pressure of finding the perfect gift to sharing our worst gift-giving and receiving experiences, this is a light-hearted conversation to wrap up the year. We’ll also discuss our year-end wrap and plans for the new year, and encourage our audience to share their event plans for the new year. Join us for a hearty laugh and a heartwarming sign-off as we wish everyone a happy new year.