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Triathlon Race Execution Radio: Episode #13: Ironman USA 2009 Wrap

Jul 29, 2009

Join Endurance Nation Coaches Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann as they recap the weekend at Endurance Nation.

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Contents include:

USA numbers summary --
    •    36 athletes
    •    70 @ dinner
    •    100 @ talk
    •    about 500 DL's of 4keb in the last 2wks
    •    4 x podiums and kona slots
    •    Coaches on the course at 7/19, caught nearly all of our athletes at the finish
Race execution notes --
    •    Reiterate no training race week
    •    Checklists
    •    Value of 4Keys talk
    •    Bike mount line
    •    Early bike pacing and hydration
    •    Not wigging out over potential weather on the bike
    •    Early run pacing
    •    Last 6-8 miles of IMUSA so much more critical than any other race.