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Nov 29, 2023

Listen in as Coach Patrick, with 25 years of experience in endurance sports, discusses the common challenges athletes face during the holiday season. The struggle of balancing calorie intake with training demands and the importance of environment and mental perception in maintaining this balance is highlighted. Coach Patrick provides a refreshing perspective on the temporary nature of the holiday season, reminding us that it's just a small portion of the year. He also offers valuable advice on managing nutrition during this festive time, and emphasizes that there's ample time to get back on track once the festivities are over.

Moving forward, we explore practical ways to stay on top of fitness and nutrition during the holidays. Learn three effective tips for maintaining a healthy balance - starting your day right with a good breakfast and morning workout, finishing strong by resisting temptation at the end of the day, and packing necessary equipment for early morning training. We underscore the importance of not pressurizing oneself too much, and how to enjoy the holiday season in moderation. Join us as we tackle the challenges of resisting temptations, using willpower effectively, and staying active and smart during the holiday season. Be sure to tune in to gain some great insights and practical tips for staying healthy and fit during the holiday season.