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Jun 23, 2009

Rich and Patrick, fearless leaders of Endurance Nation, check in during their work week in Coeur d'Alene 2009.

Ironman Taper Episode

Jun 11, 2009

Join Rich and Patrick for this hour long show that covers the elusive Ironman taper. In addition to outlining how you can set up your own taper, Rich and Patrick conduct an interview with The Halligan about his experience at the Mooseman Half. Your fearless leaders finally have time to discuss a few of the nuances of...

Jun 5, 2009

Since we were up in Lake Placid at our annual camp, we were unable to broadcast the Race Simulation show live. Rich and I sat down an recorded this offline, so you can enjoy exactly what we want you to know about Race Simulation workouts: how to plan, execute, and analyze them. What to look out for and how to make...

Jun 4, 2009

Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation talks about the true value of racing with a plan for an Endurance Nation athlete.