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Nov 27, 2014

Join Coach Rich Strauss of Endurance Nation for this discussion of training considerations specific to Ironman Arizona. 

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Nov 21, 2014

Endurance Nation is known for it's "unique" position on triathlon swimming in the OutSeason, especially for Ironman athletes.

Coach Rich discusses our reasoning in detail. He also outlines the swimming tools we've created for our Team and their application across a triathlon season. 

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Nov 18, 2014

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( as he breaks down how you want to approach your training this winter for maximum results next season. It's time to put your thinking cap on people!



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Nov 10, 2014

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for a quick review of what it means to focus on your body composition in the Winter. 

Most athletes think of "race weight" as something you look at when your race is looming -- there couldn't be a worse possible time. Instead, use the wintertime as a...

Nov 3, 2014

Join Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation ( for this third and final installment of his 2014 Ironman® Hawaii Race Report. Read the full report here:


In this third podcast, Patrick...