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Dec 21, 2021

 Coach Patrick outlines the importance of getting started early in your season. it's not just a fad; some of the best athletes in the world begin their year in January to capture three critical elements that can benefit you as well. Momentum, social connection, and eliminating friction are all covered in this episode....

Dec 12, 2021

Coach Patrick reviews the importance of well-fueled workouts as it relates to your total health and wellness. Yes, even winter workouts are a good time to develop your overall ability to train and recover properly. Talking points include: 

  • Building Long Term Healthy Habits
  • The More Work, the More Important...

Dec 2, 2021

Coach Patrick explains the benefits associated with a divided training week during the winter, revealing one of our key OutSeason training secret! Key talking points include: 


  • A Week of Quality - the 3:2 Golden Ratio
  • Value of Compounding Time: 14 weeks @ 2 Days = 1 month!!
  • Opt for Recovery First - Includes Sleep