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Dec 6, 2023

Hey everyone, I'm Coach Patrick and in this episode, we're going on a reflective journey. We'll dissect last season's race performance. It's all about balancing highs and lows. This means managing what's in and out of your control. Eager to master your race? It's more than just pushing limits. It's making smart, strategic moves. I've lived it and I'll share my experiences. You can apply these tactics in your races too. Also, check out our free online course. It's filled with keys to success.

Now, let's revisit my Leadville race experience. It was a real challenge! Weather, altitude, and so much more were beyond my control. How did I navigate through it? I'll dive into handling descents and maintaining focus. Understanding nutrition, power targets, and the importance of knowing other riders is crucial. I'll discuss how focusing on 'one thing' can keep you aligned and motivated. Let's look at how to apply these lessons to your races. Together, we can shape your race day and elevate your performance!