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Dec 9, 2010

This podcast accompanies Lesson #1 in our FREE virtual seminar on Long Course Triathlon Training. To register, visit the Free Resources tab at
Purpose of the Course
  1. Bring you several years up the self-coached triathlete learning curve, as we share with you the lessons we have learned as coaches, athletes, and leaders of a 500 member long course triathlon Team.
  2. Give you practical tools you can use to organize and manage your own long course season and training week.
  3. Totally redefine your understanding of endurance training, freeing you from out-dated methodology and preparing you for a great season!
Course Syllabus
Lesson 1: Introduction, ROI, Work, and Season Planning
In this first lesson we'll introduce you to the concept of fitness as the ability to perform work. Next, we'll give your job description, as a Time Investment Manager (self-coached athlete), and finally describe how we suggest you lay out your long course triathlon season. 
Lesson 2: The Basic Week
Next, we'll introduce you to the Basic Week, the template training week you'll use to effectively and efficiently manage your training. 

Lesson 3: Race Scheduling
In this lesson we'll discuss how and where to schedule races and big training weeks. We'll also provide you with proven tools to adjust your training schedule to accommodate A, B, and C priority races. 

Lesson 4: Common Long Course Training Pitfalls and Race Execution
In this final lesson, we'll teach you how to avoid the training mistakes we've seen too many triathletes make. We'll also introduce you to our thoughts on race execution.

Finally, we wanted to let you know that subscribing to the Long Course Virtual Seminar, you've also become an ENFan. Please check your inbox for additional details, including:
  • We will mail you a FREE copy of our Four Keys of Ironman Execution DVD to you in 1-2 weeks. This is a $37 value, yours FREE for taking the Course and becoming an ENFan!

To register, visit the Free Resources tab at

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