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Nov 2, 2023

When we first met Vincent, he had just returned from a thrilling race at the Ironman World Championships in Nice. He came onto the show bursting with energy, ready to share his unique journey on a course that couldn't be more different from Kona. We took a deep dive into the race terrain, the challenges it presented, and the incredible vibe that filled the air on race day. Vincent's reflections on this unique experience offer insightful perspectives on why future world championships should offer unique experiences rather than simply replicating Kona.

As we sat down to chat, Vincent painted a vivid picture of the grueling bike course that was part of the race. He recalled the treacherous landscapes, the uphill climbs, and the breathtaking scenery of Nice, France. Vincent also opened up about his nutrition strategy for such a lengthy race, and how he miscalculated the amount of fuel needed to stay energetic and competitive. From his unexpected physical strain to the stark differences between racing in Georgia and Nice, he shared the good, the bad, and the tough lessons learned. 

In our final discussion, we explored Vincent's reflections on the mental and physical challenges he faced during the Ironman World Championships. With the crowd's electrifying support, Vincent's resilience saw him through to the end of the race. We concluded on a high note with Vincent's post-race reflections, his appreciation for the unique experience in Nice, and his future plans in the world of triathlon. This episode, packed with insights, experiences, and strategies, is a must-listen for every aspiring Ironman triathlete. Tune in for an inspiring journey that will motivate you to push your limits and reach new heights.