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Triathlon Execution Radio (Episode 17) - Kona 2009 Wrap + Ice Cream Time Trials, and More

Oct 15, 2009

Join Coaches Rich and Patrick for a recap of Kona and our recent Team Challenges. Our repeat Ice Cream Time Trial Champ dials in and reveals just how close he was to the edge! Amazing!

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Oct 9, 2009

Join Coach Patrick as he quickly talks you through the race from the turn on the bike at Hawi (not halfway!) and the entire marathon. Learn how to stay focused, what to stay focused upon and where (most likely) your wheels will come off on race day!

Duration: 15:00

Triathlon Execution Radio Episode 16: Kona 2009 Prep Show

Oct 2, 2009

Join Endurance Nation coaches Rich Strauss and Patrick McCrann as they walk you through the last week pre-Kona and give key pointers re: race day. Combined they have raced Kona 4 times and have plenty of crazy stories to tell and key advice to share.

Note: Show was cut short a bit...kind of a cliffhanger. We'll revisit...