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Oct 21, 2011

Coach P interviews...himself! That's right. A quick overview of his breakthrough race in Kona as well as a note about things he would do differently if given the change to race on the Big Island again. From swim to bike to run, the full day is laid out here!

For more information, be sure to check out his race report...

Oct 19, 2011

Coach P interviews the one, the only, cue the drum roll and the Rocky music: JONATHAN LIEBERMAN!!!

Jonathan got a lottery slot, validated it at Ironman Lake Placid and then raced the Big Dance a mere ten weeks later. Nothing like competing in the world championships in your second ever Ironman...and none of this was...

Oct 19, 2011

Coach Patrick sits down with Keith Buell to learn about his interested path to the World Championships. It's a great story and Keith really makes the most of his day...very cool!

Oct 19, 2011

Coach Patrick interviews Greg "The Fish" Charbeneau on his first ever Ironman Kona experience. Greg's a regular guy, kids in college, relatively fit...and he almost cracked 10 hours!!! Hear how he did it and why he considers Endurance Nation his secret weapon.