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Jun 30, 2022

One adventurous gravel ride wend a bump too far -- and resulted in a broken seat post on my new Cannondale SuperSix EVO gravel bike. With 8 weeks to get a new one (thanks supply chain!), my online community of friends came to the rescue.  Moral of the story: Train alone and you miss out on all the fun and benefits that...

Jun 23, 2022

The majority of athletes consider heat to be their enemy. It depletes you, it slows you down, it burns your skin, it makes training and racing downright miserable. In other words, this is the perfect opportunity to turn someone else's problem into your advantage. 

Training in the heat, done properly, brings additional...

Jun 22, 2022

Your race simulation is the most important workout you do before your race is a simulation. Regardless of your sport, preparing for race day isn't just about fitness, it's about execution.  Skip a few critical early steps, and your race will be full of turbulence.

When you are ready to go to the next level, you need to...

Jun 5, 2022

Last Minute Training Up

  • Six Week Program

Equipment Choices

  • High-quality machine that’s adjustable
  • Powermeter or Heart Rate Monitor

Ride Pacing

  • Warm-Up for 30 minutes, every day. Longer as tired. 
  • Set Caps for Effort. 
  • Stops are Your Friend. 


Ride Nutrition

  • Hydration Matters; You Must Be Peeing every...

May 26, 2022

Coach Patrick covers one of the most challenging aspects of being an endurance athlete managing fatigue. Mid-season fatigue is unique in that it can hide easily behind important workouts and race preparation. We often dismiss being tired mid-season as this is simply part of "achieving our goals." over time, even small...