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Jun 20, 2012

Join Coach Patrick as he interviews Kori Martini about her experience at the 2012 Ironman Lake Placid Tri Rally. Learn why we bike the course twice on consecutive days, why we save the run for last and what Kori thinks is the COOLEST thing about TeamEN!

Jun 13, 2012

Coach Patrick from Endurance Nation covers how he focused on nutrition and body composition across the entire season to set up a breakthrough race performance at Ironman Texas. This includes information on The Core Diet ( and a full breakdown of how he ate 3,500+ calories on the bike and 2,000+...

Jun 13, 2012

Coach Patrick breaks down just how he modified his training to get faster by Ironman Texas. From an abbreviated OutSeason that mixed FTP and VO2 to early mega-swims and alternating volume weeks, it's all in here!  

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