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Jun 30, 2010

Coach Rich interviews Aaron Linkow, 39yo father of 3 girls, from Denver, CO. IMCDA'10 was Aaron's first Ironman and his performance is an excellent example of continuing to think, solve problems, and adjust goals throughout the day.

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Jun 29, 2010

Put the right gears on your bike before your next Ironman. Help us help you! Please!​

Jun 29, 2010

Rich talks about his day on the IMCDA course, supporting TeamEN athletes

Jun 23, 2010

This week Coach Patrick highlights the midwest Towers of  Power (guess who?), covers the importance of checklists in terms of being ready to race and has one, just one, final tip for all the CDA folks. ​

Jun 18, 2010

Coach Rich Strauss of Endurance Nation delivers his Ironman training guidance for self-coached athletes. Straight shooting and uncensored, this is not the stuff you read in the mags...